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Social Store App

Web Based Software
Because Social Store App is web based there is no compatability issues and you can use it on any computer or device anywhere.

No Domains Or SSL
Your viral Amazon store does not require you to purchase any domains or any hosting. SSA already has all the SSL certificates set up for your conveinience.

Nothing To Install
There is absolutly nothing for you to install, EVERYTHING is web based and is point and click easy to set up in the next 4 minutes.

Facebook + Amazon
Put the two GIANTS of the internet together and see the fast profits you can bring in week after week Get Social Store App Now Before the Christmas RUSH.
Look How Quickly You Can Create A Store...

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Take a look at all the VIRAL sharing options we have built in.

Here are some more AMAZING features

Experience Huge Profits & Fast
Let,s take a look at some of the absolutely incredible stats that Amazon alone are producing
In the final quarter of 2013, the e-commerce giant Amazon generated a total revenue of 25.59 billion US dollars, up from 21.27 billion dollars in the final quarter of 2012.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Last year on Cyber Monday Amazon reported that sale orders came in at a rate of 47 items a second, racking up 4.1m sales during the day and peaking at 9.22pm.

WHOA .... $4.1 million in one day online

37 Million Items Sold On Amazon On Cyber Monday

39% Increase in sales from 2012

Amazon ships to 185 countries worldwide

Amazon has 20 million prime members that concentrate spending on Amazon and spend on average double the amount on Amazon than non-members

And with only this many days until Cyber Monday.....

Now lets put that together with the amount of traffic that Facebook can pump out
On average 85% of all orders coming from Social Media will come from FaceBook

FaceBook completely dominates some industries as the top lead generation for sales

Sports & Rec
Pet Supplies

With 1.28 BILLION users Facebook is THE platform to be marketing on

FaceBook IS the lion share of the market place

SEO is time consuming, takes a long time to get ROI and Google updates the algrogyths so regularly its painful! (and expensive)

FaceBook has the most extensive data to target your ads to IMMEDIATLY!
So as you can see these two companies are still on a steady rise with some mind boggling figures.

Social Store App now gives YOU the opportunity to place yourself directly in the middle of the two GIANTS and with Christmas just around the corner NOW is the PERFECT TIME to be there.
25% of all Christmas shopping is done online as compared to 2 short years ago where it was only 1%.

People are not afraid to buy online anymore, now its just up to you to place the items right under their nose and get paid nice healthy looking affiliate payouts.

That's EXACTLY what Social Store App helps you do.
What You Get With Social Store App
There are 3 different licenses with Social Store App. Choose the one that yo uthink will bettyer suit you.
  • No Monthy Fee's For The Launch Period
Once the 5 day launch phase is over we will be switching Social Store App over to a monthly subscription. If you choose to take the offer today you are grand fathered in for life with a one time payment.
  • No Domains Needed And No Hosting Fees EVER
We Take care of all the hosting and the domains. All you need is an Amazon account that is easy to get and free and also a FaceBook account
  • 25 Plus Built In Page Templates
25 professionally designed page template so that your pages look AMAZING!
  • Built in search functions
A built in search function so you can easily serch for best selling products in the most profitable niches
What Experts Think About Social Store App
Oh did I mention our support?
6 full time support staff for the duration of the launch




Alaa Has been with our team for over 2 years and knows all our products inside and out.
Shreekant has been fully trained in all aspects of Social Store App and can help sort out any problem you have at all.




The Co Founder of Social Store App
The Co Founder of Social Store App
Social Store App Developer

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